So it’s been some time again, hasn’t it? My friend and sort-of-sister-in-law Amy says something that I feel best describes why I’ve not been here for a few months…

“You can have it all, but you can’t have it all at once.”

Pretty true, right? I really love this phrase, and it definitely feels like an accurate description of why writing on this blog hasn’t been at the top of my priority list. I’ve been doing all of the other stuff, but now that things have started to settle down, or at least in this moment they feel they’ve settled enough for me to take some time out to write, I hope to be here a little more often.

Things are basically the same as they’ve always been, and also pretty different from when I was last sharing here.

I live in the north now! Sam and I have relocated to Leeds, where we’re closer to some of our family and we’re getting settled into city life. It’s been kind of an adjustment, but it also feels easy and just like home already.

The biggest thing for me to get used to is not having everything I need a short walk away. We’ve got our local shop, and a whole stretch of amenities just around the corner, but often things take a little more travel planning than they used to. It’s OK though, it’s just evidence of having so many more options of things to do and places to go!

I haven’t had too much chance to explore yet, but I know Sam and I are looking forward to discovering all of the fun things on our doorstep. We’re in a great location, and I know there are things I want to check out in every direction so I’m glad we’re on the bus route in and out of town!

I’ve also been working hard on Knits Please. I’ve been writing and releasing knitting patterns, including my first garment pattern, and I even started a YouTube channel. I would love for Knits Please to become something more than ‘not quite a hobby, not quite a business’ and I know for that to happen I’m going to need to treat myself with a firmer hand.

In my mind I know that forming goals and plans, and giving myself tasks will certainly help to grow Knits Please into a business, so I really need to dedicate the time to doing that so I can see the results.

Generally, I’ve learnt something about myself that relates, here. I used to be an excellent planner, but now I feel like I should be doing. I should get up and get on and do something. But the problem with doing things is that you don’t necessarily know why you’re doing something, and it may not be the best thing for you to be doing at that time.

Planning allows you to look at the bigger picture and get some perspective, and see which ‘things to do’ will get you closer to where you want to be, and which might be ‘things to do’ for the sake of doing.

So I need to book out some time to sit down, get messy, and plan. Where do I want to be, and how do I get there?

This is true for Knits Please, but I also think it’s true for so many other things, too. In life, how do I want to grow? What’s important to me in my career? What are my values, and how do I live by them?

It’s all pretty big, and therefore kind of scary, but it’s terribly exciting, too. I’ll update you when I’m done!


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