2016: The Highlights


When you think about 2016 as a whole, it’s been a pretty shit year. You can’t scroll through Facebook without some awful meme reminding you of Trump, Brexit or all of the people who passed away. But when I narrow my circle and, honestly, get a little selfish, I realise that things really haven’t been that bad. In fact, they’ve been quite good.

2016 for me was…

Gathering to celebrate milestone birthdays and experience all of the family traditions that come with it.

Learning how to really spend my time well, and for me that is quietly. Knitting, reading, playing silly games that make us laugh, and all with our feet up and a cuppa. I’m a homebody, and I’m proud of it.

Taking an actual holiday and making the most of time in another place. Appreciating the sea breeze, the beautiful landscape and time with the best people I know.

Celebrating 5 years with my favourite person and feeling grateful for him every day.

Embracing new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone, but also knowing where to draw the line.

Setting up my own handmade business and making my first sales.

Getting the balance right in the kitchen, and keeping up with good, healthy meals and the (not so) occasional treat.

Scrapping the things that get me down and learning to let go of unfinished business.

Venturing to Margate for a special day with my beautiful Mumma, full of warmth, brightness and so much love.

Eating a lot of ice cream.

Dining on the 34th floor of the BT Tower with the most inspirational bunch of people I could have imagined.

Filling the days with long walks, good food and even better company during a celebratory break in Brighton.

Developing good habits and feeling so much better for it.

Embracing change and making the most of celebrations with all of my families.

Learning not to sweat the small stuff, and ditching a tonne of anxiety in the process.

I often struggle a bit with remembering things, so it’s making my heart feel full to look back on all of the wonderful things I’ve experienced in this past year and I’m feeling super grateful for it. I work well with triggers, things to remind me of a moment, which reminds me of a day or a special occasion or a feeling. These are some pretty awesome triggers right here, and I can’t wait to create some more in 2017.

How was your 2016? I’d love to know some of your highlights if you’d like to share them with me!


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