5 Things I’m Grateful For Right Now


So life has been pretty crazy lately. It’s been that way where every day is something, but when you look back on the past month you can’t really pinpoint what’s happened. Things are blurry, busy and lazy all at once. Progress seems impossible, and the future hazy. But I need to learn that that’s OK, and that the present is two things: always temporary and completely constant. The right now won’t last, things will change and fluctuate and you’ll go along for the ride, but also always be present. Value this moment. It won’t come again, so do the best you can with it. These moments make the future, so make them count.

I’ve got work to do to be living the life that I want to lead, and I’m taking my inspiration from Sophia Bush because she’s my favourite. In this podcast with That’s So Retrograde she tells ALL the truths, but one thing that resonated with me the most was her advice on habits. Build small habits, and those habits encourage other habits, and they become behaviours, and in doing that you’re being better to yourself. So, that’s my plan.

In the meantime I need regroup, stop thinking about what isn’t right (’cause I’m taking the steps to upgrade it) and shift my focus back to the good things in life. Because there’s always good things in life.

Right now I’m grateful for…

All of the awesome, badass and inspirational women at my WI who aren’t afraid to dish out the advice and give a sister a leg-up.

An actual, whole, entire day off that saw me meandering around the streets of Margate, gazing out across the sea and spinning on the carousel, all with my beautiful Mumma.

Excuses to get in the kitchen and bake up a storm.

Having the kind of relationship where we want to do the best by each other, and knowing that we’re in this crazy life together.

Hitting on inspiration and allowing my logical brain to work with my creative brain to do something great.

How’s life been for you lately? Are you also feeling the need to take stock? I’d love to know what you’re grateful for right now!


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