Re-Aligning My Fitness Goals


So I’ve become a broken record…

I’m always adamant that I want to be healthier, that I want to be fitter, stronger and generally better. I want to feel super confident in a bikini, not get ridiculously out of breath when I walk up a hill and trust that the stuff I’m fuelling my body with is actually good for me. I’ve got the talk in spades, but I’m struggling to walk the walk.

I definitely go through phases. The intention itself seems to be a constant, but that’s all that is. I’ll be totally motivated one week, heading out for walks at the crack of dawn and lacing up my trainers when I have a spare minute, and then something will change. I don’t know what and I don’t know why, but all of a sudden it just stops without any kind of conscious decision, and before I know it I’m back wishing I was doing more.

So while I know I’m not where I want to be, and I could spend hours pondering on why that is, I’m not going get stuck in this negative place. Instead, I’m going to set some clear intentions, because maybe that’s what I’m missing. I don’t really have an end goal, I just want to feel better in myself, so it’s a little more vague, but I reckon I can do it!

I think one of the best steps I can take is to plan when I’m going to exercise. To start, I think just twice a week for dedicated exercise sessions like HIIT or one of Davina’s DVDs. Then when I know I can commit to that, I can start thinking about adding more!

I always work out from home because I can’t afford a gym membership and, quite frankly, I find them pretty intimidating, but that way it’s quite easy to just not bother. For this, I need some accountability. I really like the app Rewire, which helps you to track your habits and keep in line for your goals and will definitely use this, but I should probably also tell Sam when I’m planning my workout sessions. That way he can check in with me when he gets home, and I really won’t want to tell him that I bailed!

I also need to get real with myself. I’m the worst at impulse decision-making, especially when it comes to food. I’ll have my whole menu for the week planned out, it will be super healthy and exactly what I need and then I’ll meet a friend and buy the biggest slice of cake I can get my mouth around. I know that’s not the worst thing, but it happens pretty much every time! What I really need to do is ask myself the right question, and answer it honestly. Is this what I need right now? And sometimes, yes, a big slice of cake could be exactly what I need, but more often than not I’m just eating it out of the habit of ‘treating myself’, and really a green tea would suffice.

Finally, I need to move! I used to walk three miles a day just getting to work and back, but now I spend the majority of my time at my computer and FAR too long on my bum. Realistically, I think I should be able to walk three miles a day, and I know I will feel better for it. I’ve got a Fitbit too, so that should help me keep on track.

I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted with how my fitness journey goes, and I’ll be sharing the tips and tricks I’ll (hopefully) be learning along the way!

Is health and fitness important to you? How do you keep yourself motivated? I’d love any tips you can share with me!

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