{ All The Good Things } February

{ All The Good Things } February (1)
February was the kind of month that runs away with itself and turns out to be over before you’ve even really noticed it begin. I can tell you what I did in January, not problem, February…more of a blur. That being said, there’s a lot to give credit to and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the simple things.

February was for…

Eating ALL of the Nutella! World Nutella Day came this month, and that is a celebration I can truly get behind! I rustled up a batch of coconut Nutella bites and ate the rest straight from the jar. Who’s with me in this?

Pancakes. The sweetest of breakfast treats and not eaten nearly enough! I topped mine with Nutella (obvs) and strawberries because it’s definitely one of those ‘go hard or go home’ situations.

Losing myself in Suffragette and learning that big change might only come when you’re ready to do anything to make it happen. It definitely kindled my fighting spirit and got me looking at the world with a whole new perspective. If you can handle wordy books, I’d say definitely go for it!

Dinners out with friends, eating all of the best pizza and chocolate puddings. It’s nice to be able to step away from work and enjoy an actual night off. It’s the small wins!

Organising…pretty much everything. I started by making a knitting needle case, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I ended re-organising almost everything I own and it feels GOOD!

Brisk walks, breathing in the fresh air and taking time to appreciate the sun in the morning.

Spending time with friends in Calais and really learning about their beautiful, warm, big hearts. How come the kindest people have so much shit to deal with?

Fiiiiinally getting to my WI knitting club and feeling inspired to power through my waffle knit jumper. I want to wear it while it’s still cold!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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