{ All The Good Things } January


January has been all about…

Spending time with my new extended family and getting the full Cheshire initiation, including a trip to the Ice Cream Farm and making my very own candle

Getting my bake on for the first time in weeks and rustling up a quick batch of coconut cookies

Taking a trip to see the beautiful people in the Jungle camp in Calais, and making the guys feel at least a little  warmer with hand-knitted snoods from my Mumma

Seeing my name in print on the back of What Does It Mean To Be Global? and brimming with pride at how far we have come with The Worldwide Tribe

Practising yoga every day, even if just for a 5 minute stretch in the morning, and getting into the routine of listening to my body and treating it with kindness

Turning 26 and thinking that, while I might not be where I thought I would be at this age (and goodness knows where that is,) I am doing pretty damn well and I’ve got a lot to be happy about

Reading my way through my Christmas gifts and planning to get through at least 26 books this year which, as an occasional reader, feels like a good challenge

Starting (and finishing) creative projects and keeping my passions alive

Feeling inspired listening to Lauren Manning talk about Girl Rising, and the amazing work they do

Ticking off my daily habits and creating a more positive, fulfilling lifestyle for myself

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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