Life Goals 2016


This time of year is definitely a time for reflection, to look back on the achievements and shortcomings of the past year and to evaluate. This year has brought many things, a lot of them unexpected, and there is one thing that feel I have struggled with the most, but instead of looking back I want to look to the future and create a positive goal from this struggle.

I’m also going to avoid giving myself a long list of goals. New Year’s resolutions just don’t work well with me (or a lot of other people for that matter!), so I’m keeping it simple with just one word – balance.

I have learnt that when I am passionate about something I will give it my absolute all. The problem with that though, is that all of the other things that I find value in tend to get left behind (like this blog!). My goal for 2016 is to find the balance in all of those things that I love – my work, relationships, creativity and adventure!

I know it won’t be a quick fix, and I don’t believe that there ever will be a perfect balance, it will be a constantly evolving effort, but it is something that I will be consciously working on to create the best 2016 I can have.

How do you feel about this past year? What are your goals for 2016?

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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