#BEDM Challenge: Passion Projects

vintage sewing patterns

My passion is creating. Whether I’m recreating a handmade card from Pinterest or sewing up a dress from a vintage pattern I’m definitely at my happiest when I’m producing something with my hands. I feel super rewarded when I have something in front of me that I know I have made from scratch myself. Being able to turn a flat piece of cotton into a dress, or a piece of card into an origami cat is awesome to me, and that’s my passion!

vintage sewing patterns

I’m so lucky to have creative people around me in my life, my Mum is totally fantastic and has been a huge source of inspiration for my creative drive! My friends are awesome role models and the best people to brainstorm ideas with. I was even gifted my new (old) sewing machine by one of my beautiful friends and I couldn’t be more grateful!

old sewing machine

vintage sewing machine

I love being able to walk around my house and see things that I have made in action, from the cushions on the sofa to the noticeboard in the kitchen, and when I head out for the day wearing one of my own creations it feels brilliant. I would 100% encourage anyone to make something. Start small, get inspiration from Pinterest and don’t worry about messing up! It’s all about taking part, and the sense of achievement you get when it all comes together is worth the little struggles along the way.

handmade dress

What are your passion projects? Do you like to get hands-on creative? I’d love to see if you’ve made anything yourself!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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