#BEDM Challenge: Healthy Living


Healthy living (which we’ve already spoken about on the blog this week) is something that’s important to me, but it’s also something that can get forgotten about when life gets busy and it’s just easier to grab a quick bite from a fast food restaurant and chill on the sofa in the evening. I’m best when I plan things. When something’s scheduled it’s much harder to justify not doing it. If it’s not scheduled, I’ll just tell myself that I’ll get around to it another time. So I’m going to set myself some goals, because I want to make a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle, and give myself the love I deserve!

banana and granola

Of course, one of the biggest things that people associate with being healthy is food. I love food, I have a relationship with food, and that’s not something that I’m going to give up. However, just like I believe that you shouldn’t have toxic friendships in your life, I also believe that your relationship with food shouldn’t be toxic. I’m not about to give up cake. It’s too good, it gives me enjoyment and it makes me feel happy. I’m just not going to eat it all the time. What I am going to do is set myself menus so I know exactly what (healthy food) I should be eating and when, and I’m going to prepare my food in advance so it’s convenient. These steps will make my life easier and help me stick to my goals.

blueberries and granola

My biggest pitfalls are breakfast and lunch. Usually I’ll start the day with jam on wholemeal toast, and take a packed lunch of a ham and lettuce wholemeal sandwich, Sunbites, a Yeo Valley yoghurt and a few squares of Green & Black’s dark chocolate with mint. It’s not McDonald’s but it’s not great. The biggest thing I found was a major lack of fruit and veg, so that was one of the things I wanted to improve on. With my new menus, breakfast is two scrambled eggs with spinach and mangetout. I’ve scheduled in a banana for a morning snack to help get me through to lunch when I’ll have a salad (quinoa, cucumber, red pepper, sweetcorn and red onion) with tuna or chicken, and few squares of dark chocolate. I’ve tried this for a couple of days now and it’s been great. I’ve felt fuller for longer and my energy levels are much better. I want to spend my lunch breaks moving around instead of sitting in the staffroom, which leads me on nicely to my next point: exercise.

running shoes

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I’m fussy. I don’t want to be in a gym, the environment doesn’t inspire me and I prefer to work on my own so classes are a no-go. I’m not a runner. I did a half marathon a couple of years ago and the first time a ran a whole mile without stopping was on the day. Training sucked and my joints weren’t happy about it so one (very short) run left me with three days of recovery time. Not something I want to take up again! What I have to do is find exercise that suits me and my minimal effort attitude. Walking is my thing. I love being out in the fresh air and getting moving and my FitBit is the perfect tool to keep me motivated. I can track my miles throughout the day, so I know if I need to take a walk on my lunch or go the long way home to hit my 5 mile target, but I don’t feel like it’s enough, so I need to plan in dedicated time for actual exercise. I don’t want to do the same thing all of the time, so I’ll power through one of Davina’s 7 Minute Workouts (I love her!), or maybe take a slower pace with some yoga (from doyogawithme.com) or get out my skipping rope which hasn’t seen the light of day for a good while! The important thing though, is that I schedule in exactly when I’m going to do these things.

fitbit 6.21 miles

As well as working towards a healthier body, I also want to work towards a healthier mind. I’ve already started to attack my negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. I believe that you can affect your own mindset, and choose how to react to things and therefore choose to be positive, but it’s not something that I always put into practice. I think that it is a case of being objective, of asking yourself why you are having negative thoughts and processing to find the positive in the situation. Nine times out of ten it’s just not really that bad, and if it is, then it’s an issue that you need to address and make changes. I’ve taken the first steps towards improving my mindset, and I plan to continue with this so that, in the future, I’m a consistently positive, happy person!

positive mental attitude quote

I also want to start working on meditation. I’ve dabbled in the past, but I’ve never really given it much time of day. However, there is enough information out there for me to have learnt that meditation can have a massive impact on your mental health and your productivity, so I think it’s really important that I give it a go, and start to incorporate it into my daily routine.

So this is my starting point with my goals laid out. I’m hoping to share more of my healthy living journey on the blog as time goes on, so you can see how I progress and what  else is in store for me. Are you living a healthy lifestyle? What are your goals? I’d love for you to share them in the comments – any inspiration is welcomed!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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