#BEDM Challenge: Workspace


I always prefer to keep my workspace simple, minimalist and clutter free. I definitely live by the saying “tidy space, tidy mind” and find it so much easier to concentrate when there isn’t really anything in my sightline to distract me. I always mix the digital with the analogue, and find that each medium has its own use. When I’m at home I always blog from my laptop, but I use my tablet to draft out posts when I’m on the go.

green tea, tablet and phone

I tend to keep my devices all together so I can flip between them to check my notes or my blogging calendar. I use Google Keep to jot down ideas for posts, or links that I want to check out, and I use the WordPress app to start posts and check my stats on the go. And who doesn’t love a good cuppa when they sit down for a writing session? My brew of choice is either a teapigs green tea or Yorkshire Tea with a splash of milk.


While I love technology, and all of the neat solutions gadgets can provide us with, sometimes it’s best to get back to good old fashioned pen and paper (though personally I prefer pencil because it makes my writing much neater!). I love stationery, and having fun printed notebooks like these gets my creative juices flowing!

What does your workspace look like? Are you more of a minimalist or do you thrive from clutter? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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