#BEDM Challenge: Food Glorious Food @ Frankie And Benny’s


Last weekend I paid a visit to my local Frankie and Benny’s in Tunbridge Wells for dinner with my friend Lucy, before we went to the cinema (we saw The Age of Adaline and it was beautiful, you should definitely see it if you get the chance!). Having not been to Frankie and Benny’s for years, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but we were seated quickly and got straight on with ordering drinks.

I don’t drink, and Lucy was driving so we ordered from the Mocktails menu. Unfortunately there was only three to choose from, but they were delicious so I can forgive them for the limited selection. I opted for Frankie’s Fruit Punch and Lucy went for a Gentle Breeze.


It took me a while to decide on a main, but our lovely server was very patient with us and gave us plenty of time. In the end it was a toss up between the Cajun Chicken Melt Hot Baked Wrap and the Crispy Chicken Philly Burger. The burger won out in the end with the promise of crispy bacon and jalapeño cheese sauce, and it did not disappoint!


Never one to shy away from a full meal, and with a sweet tooth to rival the best of them, we went on to order dessert. I always struggle to pick, and with such a vast menu I had to work on a process of elimination. What don’t I have regularly? What can’t I make for myself? And what do I keep going back to? In the end, I couldn’t resist Eli’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake and I’m so glad. It was delicious and decadent but didn’t leave me with that awful bloated feeling that desserts often can. Lucy chose the Banoffee Waffle, and I have to say it looked great!


All-in-all we had a really great night. As the evening went on it got busier and busier, and the atmosphere was lively and buzzing. There will be kids around, so bear that in mind if you’re looking for a quieter ambiance. Our server was attentive, we were given time to decide and weren’t pushed for a speedy turnaround, but when we were ready to leave our checkout was quick and efficient. The cost was just over £20 a head for drinks, a main and dessert and I think it was well worth it. They also offer 20% student discount and other offers throughout the year.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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