#BEDM Challenge: Day In The Life


09:30 Time to wake up! It’s my day off, and the first time in months that I’ve had the bed to myself in the morning so I made the most of it with a lie-in and some much appreciated star-fishing

09:45 A long shower follows, then a while spent blow drying and straightening my hair. I don’t usually straighten it, but I’ve recently had it cut and wanted to experiment a little

10:30 After a slice of toast with lashings of strawberry jam, it’s time to get the chores done. I always like to get the boring bits out of the way, so I can reward myself with the things I actually want to do

11:45 I’ve recently finished a couple of creative projects so I’m ready to start some more! I’ve got my knitting on the go, but Mum gave me a pair of lemon printed fabric napkins that I want to turn into a bralet, so I spent some time cutting out the pattern and got started. Mum also gave me an old kaftan with the most beautiful fabric, which I’ve been brainstorming ideas for. Kaftans aren’t really my style so I’m planning to make something more wearable from it

13:30 After a busy morning Sam arrived home just in time for lunch. I tired out a recipe for sweet quesdaillas with banana and Nutella and it was an all-round success

15:00 I’m really into the #BEDM Challenge, so I spent some time on my laptop editing photos and planning the next few posts. The second half of the week is always really busy for me, and with minimal spare time I wanted to make sure I was on track to hit my daily goal

17:00 When I’m working I’m always walking and hitting my steps target, but on days off it’s easy to let it slide! We took a stroll around our local park before dinner to get some fresh air and clear out the cobwebs. Plus, what better way to build up your appetite?

19:00 One of my favourite things about days off is having the time to cook with Sam. Our work shifts are often out of sync, so when we do get the time to cook together it’s really valuable. We also create a meal plan at the start of each week so we know exactly what we’ll have and when. It eliminates the stress of daily decision-making and saves a tonne of time for us indecisive folk!

20:00 It’s the time of day when I like to start winding down, so we grab a cuppa (Yorkshire Tea is our brew of choice) and settle down to watch a comedy. Tonight is Modern Family, but The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Two Broke Girls are always on the planner

21:00 I like to get a bit of knitting done before bed, and tonight is no exception. If I’m knitting in the evenings I prefer to be in the simple stages of the project. My concentration can waver a bit so now is not the time for intricate stitches and complex patterns

22:30 I always tend to head to bed around this time. I usually get my outfit ready for work the next day, and sometimes prepare a packed lunch. The more that’s done in advance, the better when you’re up at 6am!

So there you have it, it’s not exotic but it’s suits me well! How does this compare to a day in your life? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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