#BEDM Challenge: An Introduction

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Hi all! Some of you may have been here before, but I hope there’s some new faces out there too! I’m Jess and this is my blog; Oh My, I’m Inspired. It’s been a space for me to share a little bit of everything that I find inspiring, but I’ve left it behind and let life get in the way. Now, however, is the time to get it back, and what better way than to take part in Elizabeth’s Blog Every Day in May challenge?

I’d like to take this challenge as an opportunity to experiment with the content and the types of posts I share on this blog, and as a bit of inspiration to get my mojo back!

I’ll be following Elizabeth’s guidelines as best I can, using her post suggestions and interpreting them in my own way. I sometimes like to think outside the box and I’m excited to broach topics I wouldn’t necessarily opt for myself – what’s the point in playing it safe?

So if you’re interested in keeping up with my progress and would like to see what I (and all of the other awesome bloggers taking part in this challenge) get up to, please follow and keep an eye out for the #BEDM on Twitter!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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