{ Do It Yourself } XOXO Letter Art

Gold letters spelling XOXO I stumbled on a box of these cute cardboard letters at a bootfair a couple of weeks ago, and I’m always up for a new crafty challenge so I had no choice but to pick up a few! Being seriously indecisive by nature I had no idea which letters to choose, but Mum was on hand with a cool and very current suggestion: XOXO (I’m looking at you Beyoncé!).

This letter art is seriously simple to do, and gives you a great looking result for less than a tenner!

You will need:

Cardboard letter, paint and paintbrush

Firstly, remove any stickers and debris from your letters. There’s no need to prepare the surface so you can get straight on and paint.

Painting cardboard letter gold

I chose to paint mine one side at a time, allowing them to dry for a while in between. Start with the front, then the sides and then the back. I gave them two coats so the gold would really stand out!

Cardboard letters painted gold

And would you believe that’s it? I told you it was simple! Display them on your coffee table, brighten up your desk or even hang them on the wall!

Gold letter spelling XOXO

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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