#100happydays: 21-30


It’s time for another round-up from my #100happydays challenge! It’s been another good 10 days, and I’ve been taking time to be grateful for the simple things!

21#day21: I couldn’t help but get a little giddy when I unveiled a winning wrapper! Yes, it was only a chocolate bar but I’ll take what I can get!

22#day22: I had a proper roast for the first time since around Christmas and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Roast potato and yorkshire pudding perfection!

23#day23: I’ve had this little sign half-finished for ages, so I was happy to add the final touches. Isn’t it a cute thing to greet you when you come home?

24#day24: The amazing moment when this totally-not-a-lap-cat sat boldly on my lap! Priceless!

25#day25: While I’m not super strict about my 3 miles a day target, it’s a great boost to smash it!

26#day26: This really was a case of tidy space, tidy mind. I find I’m so much more productive with a clean, un-cluttered space around me!

27#day27: I got to spend some quality time helping Mumma to make a new dress. It’s totally awesome when we get to be creative together!

28#day28: I sampled my first ever froyo at Tutti Frutti in Brighton and it went down such a treat!

29#day29: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a total Harry Potter fangirl, so it was a dream come true to spot these in a sweet shop in Brighton. I’m just a bit dubious about some of the flavours! Vomit? Earwax? Rotten egg? No thanks!

30#day30: After my awesome froyo experience in Brighton I thought I’d give my own a go, and whipped up a batch of strawberry frozen yoghurt. We’ll see how the taste test goes…

Are any of you guys participating in the #100happydays challenge? If you aren’t I’d definitely recommend it – it’s a great reminder that there’s always something to be happy about! Add your Instagram links in the comments so I can follow you and see what wonderful things make you smile! I’ll be posting my happy pictures daily on my Instagram, so give me a follow if you’d like to keep updated!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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