#100happydays: 11-20

11-20 bannerHere’s a round-up of the latest pictures from my #100happydays challenge. I feel like I’ve been going through the motions a bit more with these photos, so I definitely want to challenge myself to be more innovative with my happy pictures, and to go out of my way to create some great memories for this challenge going forward.

11#day11: I couldn’t help but stop and notice this eerie moon on the way home from work. It really was something quite remarkable, but unfortunately the camera on my phone couldn’t quite capture its beauty!

12#day12: This little one was super needy after a check-up at the vets, so I spent my evening with him curled up at my side. There’s nothing more adorable!

13#day13: It had been a while since Sam and I had done a jigsaw puzzle, and there was no resisting this Lord of the Rings challenge! It’s great to do something a little different on our days and evenings together!

14#day14: With Saturday, often comes breakfast at The Black Dog – the perfect start to the weekend. This is one of my favourites, the Melbourne classic, which always leaves me satisfied!

15day15: After all of the grey weather recently, it seemed too good to be true when the forecast predicted a 0% chance of rain on Sunday. We took advantage of the opportunity with a trip to the Pirates and Smugglers miniature golf course at Bluewater!

16#day16: We couldn’t get enough of jigsaw puzzles this week, so we quickly got stuck into this Disney one, with Simba’s character one of the first to make development!

17#day17: I received an unexpected (though generic) reply to my letter to J.K.Rowling. It was a really nice touch and definitely brought a smile to me face!

18#day18: I was feeling a little under the weather today, but I was able to acknowledge the beauty of these flowers as they were starting to turn…

19#day19: There’s nothing appealing like a bowl full of bright and colourful fruit for a healthier dessert option, and this did not disappoint!

20#day20: After thinking this puzzle would be pretty easy, its 1000 pieces proved us wrong so we spent a little longer than expected on it. We finally finished it at the end of the week, and it definitely felt like quite the achievement!

Are any of you guys participating in the #100happydays challenge? If you aren’t I’d definitely recommend it – it’s a great reminder that there’s always something to be happy about! Add your Instagram links in the comments so I can follow you and see what wonderful things make you smile! I’ll be posting my happy pictures daily on my Instagram, so give me a follow if you’d like to keep updated!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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