What Is The Right Life Anyway?

arrowsI don’t tend to use this blog space for personal topics. I guess I just think that nobody really wants to read about my latest stress or complaint about life, but there’s something about today that’s got me wanting to share.

Every day I am surrounded by successful people, or at least people who I deem more successful than myself. My boyfriend is working hard to achieve his dream career, my friends are either working their way up in the big bad world or exploring every corner of it and having the most amazing experiences. Even online I’m constantly marveling at other bloggers and how successful they are, crafters who have forged a career out of their passion and inspirational men and women taking on all of the bad sh*t we hate about the world and creating a better place for everyone to share. So I guess it’s no surprise that when I look at myself and see no career, no amazing life experiences and really no idea where the hell I’m heading, I feel a little inadequate.who you are

In the last few years I have wanted to have a vintage shop, run a cupcakery, be a jewellery designer, an interior designer, and a personal stylist. I’ve wanted to spend my life knitting and sewing and creating beautiful things, and earning a living from blogging about them. But none of those things have stuck.plan A

I’ve realised that my mindset is wrong. I already broke the mould when I was 18. School taught me that the way to success was to  get good grades, get into a good University and secure a good job. I denied their rules and refused to go to University. I was doing it my own way, but I think there was always an underlying subconscious feeling that I was doing it wrong. That I didn’t follow the rules and I would fail because of it. That without a degree success was impossible. I’m slowly coming to realise that those subconscious thoughts have been holding me back all along. I can’t compare myself to those classmates who are busy climbing the corporate ladder – that’s just not me. And for right now, I don’t know what me is. And that’s OK.who i was

Trust me, I’ve shed enough tears over the stress of a ‘failed’ life. I’m not saying I never will again, I’m just saying that I’ve realised that I need to let go of that stress. I don’t know what I want, but I’m not going to give up hope. It will come to me one day, and as long as I make myself happy in the interim, everything will work out just fine. And that’s the key really, isn’t it? Happiness. It might be taking a long walk, brushing up on your photography skills or having a great conversation with a great friend. Whatever it is for me, I need to make the effort to do it, and so do you. Negativity seems so great, overwhelming and powerful when you don’t create the happiness to chase the darkness away.Dumbledore

Now here’s the part that most people will think is really lame, but I don’t care! I guess I’ve had a bit of an epiphany about this issue of mine, and it’s come from a quote from Twilight (yeah, go ahead and laugh if you want, but this might have just saved my sanity!)…Speech

I guess I just needed to get that out. And while I’ve definitely felt alone in my unhappiness, I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of people out there who have felt the same way, so to you I say this: Do it your way and have faith in yourself, because the right life will come along one day, but for now, embrace the present and smile! And I’m here if you want to talk.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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3 thoughts on “What Is The Right Life Anyway?

  1. Yes! I have felt exactly the same way before. When you are a creative multi-passionate person it can sometimes feel like you’re a failure because you’re not following the rules. But as long as you are true to yourself have faith in the journey you are taking. You’ll get where you want to be eventually. Sometimes the scenic route is best.

  2. I really want to comment on this because I think there’s a lot to say, but I’m not sure how helpful it will be! Having done so many things the ‘right way’ – gone to University, got a job, all that jazz – I think this feeling of failure might be more of a universal one. I also think it might come partly from growing up in that grammar school environment where anything less than full marks is failure. That’s no way to live, really.

    We can’t be all things and do all things – I constantly worry that I’m getting myself too tied up with commitments so I’ll never be able to travel the world/work for a charity/work on something I’m really passionate about. But as you say, you just have to try your best to make yourself happy and hope that it all comes together in the end. I also think that you don’t have to be working on your dream to be happy; or at least, not all of your dreams – there’s no way I could do all of them and my job may not be my dream job but parts of it make me happy and little pieces from life all stick together to make a happy hodge-podge of things.

    I think this post might be of interest to you as well: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/02/on-changing-dreams.html


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