Oh My, I’m Inspired By Something Beginning With…

Letter FLet me introduce you to Falling Whistles. They made me a whistleblower and you should become one, too.

If you’ve read my bio you’ll have noticed that Sophia Bush is a bit of an idol of mine. While I’m not too fussed for becoming a hugely successful actress, I certainly wouldn’t mind following in her badass world-saving footsteps. She’s pretty inspirational, and definitely the kind of role model I think every girl should look up to, so when she instagrammed this photo of the Falling Whistles Free World Reader I just had to find out more…


In short, Falling Whistles is a campaign for peace in Congo. They aim to end the deadliest war of our time by building a global coalition to demand peace in Congo, and investing in Congolese visionaries. If, like me, you aren’t fully aware of the current situation and history of Congo, you can find out more here.

In 2008, a young traveler named Sean traveled through eastern Congo to learn about a war he knew nothing about. Just a few days later he found himself in a military encampment, where he met five boys being held prisoner by the national army. The boys had been child soldiers, taken from their homes and forced to fight for two different rebel groups, until one night they escaped and ran to the national army for refuge. Now in the hands of their own military, they were being treated as enemies of the state.

He spent the day with the boys, trading stories, laughter and tears. One boy told him of children too small to carry guns being sent to the frontlines, armed with only a whistle. After he and his partner worked with the UN to have the boys released, he went home that night and wrote the Falling Whistles journal. A single story of a single day. It was originally sent to about 80 friends and family, who forwarded it around the world. Thousands of strangers wrote back asking: what can we do?”

Since that day, the Falling Whistles team has grown, the whistle has become a symbol of peace, a conversation starter; everyone can stand up and promote change and spread the message to help take another step closer to peace in Congo.

While I don’t know everything about Congo, I know enough. I’ll stand as a whistleblower and wear my whistle with pride. I’ll tell everyone who’ll listen about Congo, about how Falling Whistles have supported 9 Congolese entrepreneurs living in the war region and that if we all stand up and spread the word, Congo can reach the same level of peace we all know and take for granted.

fw2The original whistle was all I wanted for my birthday this year, and I couldn’t have been happier when it arrived. If I can encourage just one more person to support this amazing cause, it’ll be totally worth it. Visit the website, buy the book, wear the whistle – whatever you do, learn what you can and spread the word! Let’s run together.DSC03282

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