Getting Folksy – My Handmade E-Shop

folksy shopWith the New Year came a new determination for me to really focus on the things I want to do, and would really like to pursue further in the future. I love nothing more than a day spent creating something wonderful, and I’m ready to start sharing with anyone who’s interested!DSC03262

Which is why I have opened a shop on Folksy selling a selection of handmade homewares and gifts! At the moment you’ll find my recently made cushions and some adorable little notecards to encourage you to say “thank you” (am I the only one that feels thank you letters are a dying tradition?). I’m also planning to add lots more products soon, and encourage my creative juices to run wild, so who knows what will come of it!DSC03267

The intention is to build up my stock and work towards attending local craft fairs in the not-too-distant future, because at the end of the day I love to make things, and everything is better shared, right? Well, apart from dessert!

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