DIY: Hand Decorated Mugs

20140117_110802If you haven’t seen the craze for hand decorated Sharpie mugs all over the internet lately (Pinterest has many examples) I’m really not sure where you’ve been hiding! I’ve been keen to try it out for a while, but have read mixed reviews on techniques and longevity of the designs, and I wanted to make sure I got it right! Plus, as creative as I like to think I am, drawing is not one of my skills, so the thought of just me, a pen and a blank white canvas is utterly nerve-wracking!

I decided to bite the bullet after watching this video and boy, am I glad I did! I followed the guidelines in the video pretty specifically and the results seem perfect so far!

I wanted to start with a simple yet fun design, and for some reason I just couldn’t get clouds out of my head! The birds and the sun came later to bring the whole look together! With the fear of having my drawing skills (or lack thereof!) out there in permanent marker, I started by sketching my design in pencil on a piece of paper. Once I was happy with how the clouds were shaping, I bit the bullet and started drawing on the mug! It was easier than I thought, once I found a good place to rest my hand without smudging other elements of the design, and where I went wrong I was able to wipe off easily with a damp cotton bud and start again. I’m super pleased with the final result, which has survived the washing challenge!


For my second attempt I was inspired by the vast array of written designs out there on the Internet. I wasn’t keen to include lots of writing as mine can be a bit messy, so I thought ‘tea time’ would be a cute statement. The banner was added to really fill out the design and make it more of an image. Again, I practiced the design on paper first but this time I had more trouble translating it onto the mug. The first attempt was too arched, and the second was totally off centre! Each time I just washed the cup with a soft sponge and some warm, soapy water and the design came right off! Third time lucky, and the design looked just how I wanted, so I popped it in the oven with a big smile on my face!


The results are just great, and even though they may not be the most creative, or artistic, they are good enough for me! I’m very proud and will definitely be trying this DIY again!


Have you made your own Sharpie mug? What design would you want yours to have?

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