The Cool Stuff You Don’t Get To See…

While I love to share all sorts of inspirational things on this blog, from awesome charities to my latest crafting adventures, there is so much more cool stuff that gets me inspired! Instead of blogging about all of those other things, like news stories that remind me of the good in the world or unusual artists doing something I’ve never seen before, I share them over on the Oh My, I’m Inspired Facebook page. It’s a great place to share regular, inspirational snippets and get a daily dose of good stuff!

Here are a few of my top picks from Oh My, I’m Inspired on Facebook…

Batkid was one of my favourite things about 2013, and I couldn’t wait to share the storyBatkid

These colourised iconic black and white photographs will get you thinking…FSA/8d22000/8d224008d22491a.tif

Chief David Oliver had some choice words for Kanye West at the end of last year…ChiefOliver

Every day is a good day for and inspirational Harry Potter quote…Dumbledore

It’s always important to remember to say thank youthank you gift

If you like what you see, you can head over to Oh My, I’m Inspired on Facebook and give the page a like to be notified of the latest daily goodness!

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