Bazaar Christmas Extravaganza @ The Plough, Hildenborough

Over the weekend I made a visit to The Plough Inn in Hildenborough for Bazaar’s Christmas Extravanganza. It was something my Mum shared with me on Facebook, which I wouldn’t have otherwise found out about, and I was so glad for the tip!

It was all rather unassuming from the outside, but a lesson in not judging books by their cover followed. As soon as I stepped through the door I really didn’t know where to look. There were rich colours and bright sparkles in every direction, and too many beautiful things to take in all at once! I took a methodical approach on my route round, making sure I saw everything on offer in what was a definite treasure trove – I really didn’t want to miss anything! The assortment was huge, from incense, to notebooks, to lanterns, to scarves and tapestries, with a variety of jewellery, clothes and much, much more! And everything was just beautiful!20131123_121212 20131123_121220 20131123_121225 20131123_121236 20131123_121257 20131123_121306 20131123_121319In the end we walked away with a few decorations for the Christmas tree and a handful of amazing Christmas presents, which of course I can’t talk about! I couldn’t justify buying anything for myself, but I definitely have a tonne of items to add to my wish list!

Bazaar will be at The Plough Inn until 1st December, so if you can I would strongly urge you to head down and check it out. You can also visit Bazaar’s website and find them on Facebook.

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