Foodie Christmas Gift List

I was in Boots the other day, and was totally taken by surprise at how many great, foodie Christmas gifts they had. With well-known names from Nando’s to Starbucks and from Jamie Oliver to The Hairy Bikers, there is definitely something for everyone! I’ve put together a list of my favourites from the Boots foodie collection…Gifts

  1. Hairy Bikers Pie ‘Aye Dish – £20
  2. Nando’s 4 Peri-Peri Drizzlers  – £15
  3. Jamie Oliver Solid Spice Rack – £16.50
  4. Starbucks Hot Cocoa Duo – £16.50
  5. Bistro Bleu Slate Cheeseboard with Tools and Chalk – £16.50
  6. Wahaca Griddle Pan – £20

You can also check out the full range of Boots foodie gifts here.
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