Oh Comely: The November Care Package Project

20131116_150015A while back I spotted this post on the Oh Comely blog about their November Care Package Project, and I immediately wanted to get involved! Who doesn’t love receiving gifts in the post? And personally, I love putting this sort of thing together! After waiting with bated breath I was finally sent the details of my partner, Holly, and I was eager to get started. I promptly got thinking about what I could include for something personal, an inspiring snippet and a wintry treat, and set about collecting everything together. The process of making up the care package was so fun for me, as I hope it was for everyone else involved, but of course everything became even more exciting when my package from Holly arrived at the weekend!20131116_145317

I tore through the packaging (like a kid on Christmas morning!) to find tissue paper wrapped parcels with the most adorable cross-stitched gift tags, and a note from Holly. I was so pleased with the items she had included, and the insight it gave me into her interests too.20131116_150118

Something personal20131116_145431

Holly chose these gorgeous handmade cross stitch cards as her something personal, and they are just beautiful! Each one has the cutest festive design complete with a green bow and a little bell, and they were all made by Holly herself.

An inspiring snippet20131116_145740

For her inspiring snippet, Holly included her favourite poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling. She hand wrote it in a notebook which I can fill with all sorts of inspirational thoughts! A lovely touch, I thought.

A wintry treat20131116_145859

This bluebell bath essence was Holly’s choice for a wintry treat. What’s more relaxing that a warm, bubbly bath on a cold winter evening? It looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to use it!

The whole November Care Package Project was a really great experience for me, and something that I would absolutely love to do again! Isn’t it amazing that we can connect with people hundreds of miles away and share these great things with each other? Just fantastic!

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