Homemade Chicken & Leek Pie With Chips

I’ve never really considered myself a good cook, and tend to opt for dishes already prepared for me in the kitchen (baking is way more my thing), but I’m on a mission to start making more of my meals from scratch! I’m obsessed with Pinterest and I definitely use it as my main source of recipe inspiration, so when I spotted this BBC GoodFood recipe for chicken & leek pies I was keen to give it a try!

20131106_170317 - Copy - CopyI found the recipe pretty simple to follow, and once all of the ingredients were chopped and prepared, it was nice and easy to make. I find I can sometimes get stressed out when I’m cooking if I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I was cool as a cucumber for this recipe!

20131106_170405 - Copy - Copy

After browning the chicken and frying the leeks and carrots, I added them all into a medium sized baking dish. The recipe calls for two small dishes to make individual pies, but I lumped all of the ingredients together for a larger one!20131106_170507 - Copy - Copy

I was a bit of a cheat and used ready made filo pastry sheets from Jus-Rol, but it was super quick and easy so I’d definitely recommend doing the same! I thought about topping the pie with two sheets as stated in the recipe, but one was really more than enough, so after brushing with a little oil I popped the pie in the oven for 15 minutes.20131106_170746The finished result gave good, crisp pastry, tender chicken, flavoursome leeks and crunchy carrots – delicious!20131106_172445

I opted to make my own chips instead of the sweet potato ones from the recipe. I peeled and sliced three medium sized King Edwards potatoes, patted them dry with some kitchen towel and popped them in my Tefal Actifry. All I added was a spoon of oil, and I left them to their own devices for 25 minutes – it really is the most simple and easy way to make chips! Sam would have preferred his with a little salt, but I like mine au naturel.20131106_172727All in all I was totally pleased with this venture into cooking. The flavour was really tasty, the process was stress-free and it definitely filled me up! I’ve already got plans for my next recipe – I’ll be using up the rest of my leeks tomorrow for a leek & potato soup!

How are your cooking skills? Have you ever attempted a filo pastry pie?

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