Oh My, I’m Inspired By Something Beginning With…

Letter BAfter gushing about my friend Amy Liz on the last installment of my alphabet of inspiration, I’ll now be raving about another blogger’s great idea! It was actually Amy that introduced me to Rosie, who is the mastermind behind the Bloggers Second Hand Book Swap.

The idea is for bloggers to pick up second hand copies of their favourite books and ship them off to be read by another blogger, who can then review them or write about their experience in the book swap.

bookswap copy

Personally, I find this idea incredibly inspiring. Not only is it creating a connection between like-minded people in the blogging community, but it is also an opportunity to discover interesting and exciting new books and authors.

As someone who struggles with reading, I’m super excited to get going! I’ve not read all that many books in my lifetime, and in the past I have found it quite difficult to get stuck in and really commit the time to reading (except in the case of Harry Potter, which I can read over and over again and still never want to put down!). Lately I have been trying to train myself to become a reader, and even started a Book Club page on my blog where I can keep a record of the books that I read.

I think the Blogger Book Swap is the perfect way for me to discover new books, and by knowing that someone has already enjoyed the book and loved it, I’ll be even more inspired to read it!

I really can’t wait to find out which books will be recommended to me, and to share my Book Swap experience here on my blog! Check back to find out how it all goes!
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