Oh My, I’m Inspired By Something Beginning With…

Letter Asource

For the first installment of my alphabet of inspiration, I’ll be talking about my friend and fellow blogger Amy Elizabeth.


Amy’s been blogging for years, and over time she’s fine-tuned her technique to reach the wonderful mix of content she shares on amyliz.co.uk today. A food blogger, feminist and general all-round badass, she’s got a lot to say and I love to listen!

I think Amy’s a great inspiration for anyone who’s starting a blog or, like me, trying to figure out which direction to go in (I’m on my third attempt at getting it right!). By focusing on stuff that she’s really passionate about (food, anyone?) she makes sure her posts are always interesting to read, and her passion really translates!

With recipes like these delicious Rocky Road Brownies, there’s plenty to get your mouth watering on Amy’s blog, and you’ll be rushing off to the shops to stock up on ingredients in no time!RockyRoadBrowniesAmy’s pretty cool, and she get up to really awesome stuff! From frequent restaurant visits, to her trip to Birmingham Blognix there’s always something to encourage me to go after more interesting experiences of my own! I loved her post on Leeds’ Bettakultcha. The idea of so many people coming together to share their passions is beyond exciting to me, and something I’d love to experience myself!

With regular installments of Weekend Link Love, Amy’s great at sourcing really cool content to share with us. These posts are full of interesting reads from all over the Internet – I can’t imagine how she finds it all, but it’s the perfect way to relax on a Sunday afternoon and learn a little something new!

So there we have it! Amy inspires me to be a better blogger, to look for new experiences and to read all of the cool stuff the Internet has to offer! She’s kinda great, right?

If you’re inspired by Amy, you can keep up with her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and you can follow her blog on Bloglovin’.
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