A Treasure Trail Around Hastings Old Town

20131006_111355Yesterday marked mine and Sam’s 2 year anniversary, and though we’re not really the type to make a fuss and celebrate, we thought it would be nice to go out for the day and do something a little different! I’ve done a couple of Treasure Trails before, in Canterbury and Lewes, and I cannot recommend them enough. It’s a great, fun day out that doesn’t break the bank, and you get to explore parts of a town or city that you wouldn’t necessarily know to go to. I was so surprised to find the Priory Ruins in Lewes, a town which I’d only ever passed through on the bus to Brighton – who knew there was so much history to be discovered? Having been to Hastings more times than I can possibly remember, I was really excited to see where the Trail would take us…
20131006_112400We found ourselves winding around little back streets, through cobbled passageways, surrounded by gorgeous looking buildings – scenery that, as Sam said, wouldn’t look out of place in Diagon Alley! I loved the old street lights and little cottages, and it was fun to search the buildings for clues to the Trail.

20131006_113826 The Trail took us up the West Hill, which gave stunning views of the Old Town below, and the sea stretching out in the distance. The trail did turn out to be quite a trek, with lots of steps and some pretty steep hills to conquer, so we definitely burned off our fish & chip lunch!20131006_123515The weather delivered a treat, with clear skies, bright sunshine and warm temperatures definitely disguising the fact that October was upon us!
20131006_124331From the West Hill we could see across to the East Hill, which we also decided to climb even though it wasn’t part of the Trail. It was pretty hard work getting to the top of all those stairs in the heat, so we sat ourselves down on the grass and enjoyed a cooling ice cream and the stunning views.
20131006_141305All-in-all it was a wonderful day, and the Treasure Trail made for a fun exploration! If you would like to do the Hastings Old Town Treasure Trail, you can buy one here, or you can find a Treasure Trail near you using the map on the Treasure Trails homepage.


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