Half Marathon: 5 Days To Go…


I find it hard to believe that my half marathon is only 5 days from now. When I first signed up and saw the countdown timer at 83 days and 23 hours, that didn’t even seem like a long time to get from zero exercise to completing over 13 miles! So now that the day is almost upon me, I’m trying to keep my nerves in check and not freak the f out!

Training in general hasn’t come naturally to me. I’ve found myself easily defeated and struggling to get motivated, and knee pain has been a constant concern, leaving me avoiding running for days in a row with an ice pack for company.

These past few days I have been plagued by dreams in which I forget about the half marathon altogether, only to panic when I go for a walk to see everyone crossing the finish line without me – what a way to instill some panic late in the game!

But I’m not going to let it get to me. Yes, I could have done more training. No, I definitely don’t feel like a runner, nor am I confident that I can run two consecutive miles, let alone 13! But I’m going to give it my best shot, even if that means walking most of the way and coming in last place! I’m just going to look after myself so I can make it the whole way round.

I think by biggest (and most legitimate) concern is not having enough energy to make it all of the way round – I keep picturing myself keeling over, and that’s something I want to avoid, big time! So I’ll be taking along a bum bag (how 90s!) stocked with jelly babies to give me an energy boost, and making sure I take on just enough water to keep me hydrated but not too much to be a hindrance.

I’m consciously telling myself that the time I get doesn’t matter, and that it’s OK to walk, and that what other people think of me doesn’t matter either. I’m not used to putting myself into situations where I have to do something that I’m not good at, and this is way out of my comfort zone, but y’know what…who cares? I bet I’m gonna feel pretty badass when I finally cross that finish line!


Why am I running the Tonbridge Half Marathon?

This is all about fighting poverty and injustice, and supporting Oxfam in the incredible work that they do to make the world a better place. So, please, if you could visit my JustGiving page and donate as generously as you can, together we can literally change lives. One billion people go to bed hungry every night. I’m not OK with that and you shouldn’t be either, so let’s join together and raise as much as we can!


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