A Summer Walk @ Foal Hurst Wood

Yesterday, while I was sitting at my desk with my laptop on, spending an hour doing something that really only needed to take ten minutes, I was reminded of something I’ve heard Oprah Winfrey say – be more present. I think these days we have a habit of getting lost in nothing, spending too long online and letting the time just filter away. I looked out of the window and saw a bright, clear blue sky with the sun beaming down, and I realised that the day was passing me by while I sat alone indoors doing an awful lot of not a lot. I shut down, got up and headed out. Here are a few pictures of my afternoon walk with Sam at Foal Hurst Wood… 20130820_16291020130820_16255820130820_16485120130820_17453020130820_16364420130820_16271520130820_16300420130820_16450620130820_163117


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