I Chimed For Change

catapult project On 1st June 2013 I was one of 15,000 people to attend the Sound of Change Concert at London’s Twickenham Stadium in support of Chime For Change. It was a truly life-changing experience, where countless celebrities took a stand, speaking up against gender inequality, and chiming for the change of health, education and justice rights for women across the world.

As part of the event, Chime For Change presented us with a gift card of our ticket value for use on Catapult, the crowd-funding website that has partnered with Chime For Change. Every attendee could then choose a project to donate to, allowing each individual to focus on what they feel most passionate about. Personally, I tend to bypass the most popular options, like those endorsed by celebrities such as Madonna and Beyoncé, in preference for projects that are a little under the radar – they’re just as important in the fight for a better world!

I chose to fund Educate young men on gender and sexuality, which aims to abolish the demand for the bodies of women and children for commercial sex through education.

I am so proud that this project has now been fully funded, and that work can go ahead – who knows how many lives this one project will save?

And to all those who have contributed funding to this project, and all of the other world-changing projects out there, I thank you. It’s us standing together to chime for change that is going to make this world a better place!


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