Have You Heard About…Blue Dot?

Blue Dot

I recently signed up for vInspired, a volunteer website which I’ll be sure to blog about soon, and in the process I discovered Blue Dot. Blue Dot’s tagline is CELEBRITY OFFERS FOR CHARITY SUPPORTERS giving rewards like discount voucers, music and magazines in return for good deeds! Good deeds can include ‘liking’ non-profit organisations on Facebook, adding your JustGiving fundraising account or donating to someone else’s, and volunteering. I received my first Blue Dots for signing up to vInspired and including my current volunteering activity (Fundraising Coordinator for Oxjam Tunbridge Wells Takeover). I then added to them by scanning my Facebook to see which non-profits I have ‘liked’ and linking my fundraising page Jessica’s Running Her First Half Marathon!

The idea of Blue Dot is to encourage people to continue to support charities and projects, both local and global, in these tough times. As well as rewarding people for their actions through offers, Blue Dot is a great way to impress employers. Volunteering is something great to include on your CV, it shows that you care for other people, that you’re selfless and don’t mind giving up your time to help others, and that you’re generous. Your Good Account is the perfect tool to share with employers, who can then see exactly what work you have done. Whether it is volunteering for a charity, fundraising or spreading the word through your social media channels, there’s sure to be something on your Blue Dot account to impress current or potential employers.

Good Account

One of my favourite things about Blue Dot, is that you can even donate your collected Dots to charity! So instead of redeeming an offer for yourself, you can choose from over 9,000 charities to support and continue to change the world, one Dot at a time!



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