Half Marathon Training Plan

training plan

If you read my post last week you’ll know that I’ve signed up to run my first half marathon to raise money for the Oxjam Tunbridge Wells Takeover – I’ve never been a runner so it’s a tough task to take on in less than three months!

I spent the weekend in preparation for training to start – buying running shoes, sportswear, and an armband-phone-holder and downloading the RunKeeper app to keep track of my progress, but when I set my race goal and saw this countdown clock I got a little scared!


Luckily for me, my Dad is the founder of philanthropic fitness website UsFitties, and organised a training plan to get me ready for the half marathon. It was a shock at first to see that I’ll be running four days a week for the next twelve weeks (that’s 48 runs!) but I’m excited to get started and confident that I can do it! I’ve got my first training session today so I’ll let you know how it goes! Fingers crossed!

Why am I running the Tonbridge Half Marathon?

This is all about fighting poverty and injustice, and supporting Oxfam in the incredible work that they do to make the world a better place. So, please, if you could visit my JustGiving page and donate as generously as you can, together we can literally change lives. One billion people go to bed hungry every night. I’m not OK with that and you shouldn’t be either, so let’s join together and raise as much as we can!


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