Have You Heard About…Platform 51?

platform 51

I’m a woman’s woman – I believe that women should support each other, encourage each other to do whatever we want and fight for our equal rights across the world.

I also believe in Platform 51. It is an amazing organisation, offering activities, services and campaigns about things that women need and want, and giving women a platform to have their say and challenge discrimination. They support women through education, employment and skills; health and wellbeing; crime and offending; and finance and debt.

Platform 51 has women’s centres in Bristol, Cardiff, Donncaster, Knowsley, London West, Nottingham, Wolverhampton and West Kent, where they work to offer the specific services that women in the local areas need. This video shows what happens at Platform 51’s women’s centers:


I think it’s so important for organisations like Platform 51 to exist, and have the support of the local communities – without them so many women would continue to lack confidence, and miss out on opportunities that other people take for granted. Gender inequality is still a big deal, and even though we’ve come a long way and often think that the biggest problems are happening on the other side of the world, there’s still a lot that needs to be tackled on home soil too.

Platform 51 is refusing to allow women to be left behind and their incredible work is literally changing people’s lives!



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