Meet Dionicia…


In my last post I spoke about Vittana, the amazing organisation that enables people to go to school and gain an education when they would have otherwise been unable to. I want to introduce you to Dionicia Rotela Cabriza – my first student!

Dionicia is 35, she lives in Paraguay and she dreams of becoming a nurse. She needed a loan of $1,497 to pay for her tuition fees, and on June 9th 2013 she became fully funded. It amazes me that the $100 that I contributed to Dionicia’s loan is literally going to change her life. Her aim is to give her children the opportunity that she never had, and in supporting her through Vittana that’s about to become a reality. Dionicia plans on graduating in June 2014, and when she does she expects to earn $41 a day. That doesn’t sound like much, and most people reading this couldn’t imagine living on so little, but when you compare that to the $20 a day she currently earns it’s a huge difference. A difference that will change her life and those of her children.

I’m proud to have loaned to Dionicia, and when that loan is repayed I look forward to finding another inspiring student I can pass it on to. That $100 could make a difference in a lot of lives, with a little time…


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