Have You Heard About…Vittana?

Vittana How It Works

I was recently introduced to Vittana, an organisation whose mission is “to graduate a generation beyond poverty through the power of education” – pretty inspiring, huh? And they work in a really interesting way, too…

Living in England, it’s definitely ‘the norm’ to go to University. You can choose which school you want to go to, which course you want to study, which halls you want to live in or which house off-campus. You can get a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of your course, a maintenance loan to help with living expenses and you may even be entitled to a grant. Imagine not having any of that. Imagine missing out on your dreams because your country doesn’t offer student loans, and you’re unable to save up for yourself. And imagine missing out on your dreams for an amount as little as a few hundred dollars. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

That’s where Vittana comes in. By creating a way in which people can loan the money for someone’s tuition fees, many people are able to gain access to education that they would have otherwise missed out on. Have a look at this video to see how important Vittana is to the people it helps:

When you loan to a student through Vittana, you know that you’re improving the quality of life and opportunities of that person. It’s possible that they could double their income or more as a result of this education, which is why the loans are so important. And they are just that – loans. Almost 99% of Vittana students repay their loans in full, meaning you’ll get your money back once they’ve completed their course and started earning, all thanks to your help! Then you can take the money back, or loan it to another Vittana student and change more lives!

What I love about this organisation it that it’s a way to directly impact on people’s lives without offering something for nothing. The people who you can loan to through Vittana are obviously hard-working, motivated and independent – otherwise they wouldn’t be there! So it’s great to see an organisation that’s not just offering handouts, but instead enabling these people to achieve a better future with just a little helping hand along the way.

I’m inspired by Vittana, are you?


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